Getting started with VEON
What can I do with VEON?

Message and call all your VEON contacts, listen to music and explore content channels on VEON. Get Special offers only for VEON users.

How much space does VEON use?

Approximately 64 megabytes.

Who can I message in VEON?

You can chat with all your contacts who have joined VEON. Create group chats, share your location and send photos and video. To message contacts not yet on VEON, simply invite them to join.

How do I invite my friends to use VEON?

In VEON, open the “All” tab under Contacts and invite your friends to download VEON.

Can I use VEON when I travel abroad?

Yes, use VEON while travelling, for free with a WIFI connection. You will be subject to data charges if you use 3G/4G in accordance to your tariff for roaming services.

Can I login to VEON from another device?

Once you have created your account you can use VEON on any other compatible device. Note that the session on the first device will be interrupted.

Do I need to verify my phone number every time I enter the Veon application?

If at registration you selected “Remember me”, then you do not need to verify everytime.

How to get bonuses in VEON

If you are a Beeline Georgia customer, download VEON, register and get 1 GB bonus, which is valid for 30 days.

If you are already registered in VEON and you invite friends, you will get a 500 MB bonus, valid for 30 days, for each invited friend who registers.

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